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SimpliRoute is changing the way products are shipped around the world. We want companies to stop (finally!) saying that your product will arrive between "9am and 9pm" by integrating technology into their logistics process. We develop a very simple SaaS product for use that combines optimization and machine learning algorithms that helps companies to reduce their logistics costs as well as improve their service for their customers.

We started SimpliRoute back in 2015 and since then we climbed across the globe. During 2016 we were part of 500 Startups in Mountain View, United States which allowed us to lift our initial round of investment in Silicon Valley. Thanks to this, we have opened operations in Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Perú.

We are in a new stage of internationalization of our service. SimpliRoute is currently used in more than 15 countries around the world and we are developing our product and team so that, during 2019, SimpliRoute is consolidated as the leading last-mile solution for small and medium businesses in Latin America.

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IAs a member of our newly formed Legal and Compliance team, you’ll oversee the workflow of legal matters from throughout Hotjar. You’ll participate in compliance projects with our teams and external customers to address topics spanning many different legal areas. You’ll be part of a team which focuses on ensuring that our customers can use our service in a manner compliant with applicable regulations, and work on legal and compliance related company-wide projects and requirements. The team commonly works with outside attorneys across the globe to address specialized topics such as privacy, employment, contracts, intellectual property, and other legal domains. You’ll draft, review, advise and update legal correspondence and external and internal documents for the use of our team.
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