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Alvaro Echeverría

Co-Founder and CEO Master of Science in Operations Research. Industrial Engineer. Expert on big scale problem. University of Chile researcher. Passionate about technology and innovation.

Federico Cayrol

CTO Computer science engineer from Argentina. Architecture and software, specialized in Agile Software Development. Strong abilities in JAVA programming and Scrum Master.

Rodrigo Martinez

Front End Developer Civil engineer specialized in computer science. Strong experience in web technologies and especially in mobile interfaces. Ability to work on functional web development so as to improve the user experience.

Juan Carlos Espinoza

Front End Developper  Computer science Master in Venezuela. Computer science analyst and software developer with strong experience in both startups and international firms proposing innovative services and products.

Paulina Muñoz

Sales Executive  Specialized for many years in sales with experience in several companies proposing innovative services. Strong ability for negotiation, in charge of the comercial development of the company.

Eyal Shats

Co-Founder and CCO Electrical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in high impact technology companies. He successfully inserted chilean startups on Silicon Valley.

Daniel Balieiro

Customer Service Manager  Industrial engineer with important experience in sales and operations management. In charge of assisting clients and the implementation of innovative development solutions.

Lucas Uribe

Research and Development Engineer Mathematic specialist from the University of Chile. Strong experience in operations management and algorithmic for the implementation and the development of complex logistic solutions.

Etienne Coville

Sales Executive Master in Management in France. Specialized in international trade and managing three languages. Development of the relations with the French entrepreneurs based in Chile.

Alonso Olate

CMO Industrial Engineer of University of Chile. Broad experience on design and management of high visibility systems. Deep knowledge in Digital Marketing, Customer Experience and tech companies.

Victor Gonzalez

Research and Development Engineer  Specialized in the implementation and management of complex operation systems. Former analyst of the University of Chile with strong knowledge in algorithmic.

Guiuliana Herán

Software Engineer Computer science Master in Venezuela. Knowledge of several programming languages with experience in developing complex softwares so as to respond to the innovative needs of different companies.

Macarena Moraga

UX/UI Designer  Designe specialist and entrepreneur running two companies. Expert in technical development of graphical solutions of communication and digital design for mobile and web applications.