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Plan your routes

Our advanced algorithms were made thinking about real life situations and restrictions. You can adjust your routing process according to your business’s operations and make changes whenever you want from our very simple interface. There you will be able to:

Your visits:

Time windows
Now you can offer narrower time windows to your clients and plan your visits according to them.
Service Time
Plan according to how long it takes you to fill out a visit.
Zone based routing
Tell the platform on which zones it can set visits or deliveries. Include dangerous areas or areas that aren’t suitable for some types of vehicles. Based on your demand, we will make recommendations on the zones we think will work best for your business.
Zone demand routing
Automatic zone work areas generated by your own demand

General Business purpose

Route optimization w/ ETA
You can plan multiple stops routes and get an ETA for each visit.
Frequent routes
If you have routes you frequently use, you can reload them to the platform as many times as you want without having to manually upload them
Long distance routing
If your vehicles travel long distance on multiple-day routes.
Fleet suggestion
SimpliRoute tells you how many vehicles you’ll need to make all your visits.

Your fleet:

Vehicles capacity
Optimize your fleet’s usage. In our platform you’ll be able to set maximum and minimum loads that you’d like your transportation vehicles to carry.
Vehicle's travel distance limit
Set a maximum amount of kilometers that you’d like your fleet to travel.
Special capacities
If some visits require specialization or know-how, you can add them to the system.
Set some visits as priority so the software put them earlier or later on the route.
Activation costs
Set costs so our software knows which vehicles is more expensive to use than the rest
Working hours
Set your drivers’ working hours or your field service technicians available times.

Route editions

You’ll be able to edit the and reorder your visits according to your company’s needs before finishing your plan. On our editor you can:
  • Add or delete visits in a route
  • Change the order of a visit sequence
  • Reorder according to your company's needs
  • Make bulk changes to multiple routes at the same time.
Diseña tus rutas de manera intuitiva
Monitorea en tiempo real tus visitas

Create plans

Finally, when you’re done routing, you can:
  • Immediately assign them to an specific driver. 
  • Download a PDF or any other format with your plan’s details.

Our support team will always be there to help you

We are commitment with your onboarding process, that’s why, we’ll provide the tools that you need in order to make your process as simple as possible.
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