SimpliRoute is more than a route optimizer

In 2014 one of the co-founders of SimpliRoute realized that some companies had to make considerable efforts to develop quick routes to deliver their products. A software simple and straightforward that could help to create and optimize multiple deliveries was essential!

Since the first version of SimpliRoute was released, the developer team have made constant improvements on the features and have designed and implemented others that complement the primary and original goal of the platform.

Currently, SimpliRoute offers a basic version which can be contracted on the website (14 trials days for free!). On this, the companies can manage, optimize and track their vehicles, have access to historical information, and contact the online support team in case of any doubt or problem.

But there more! Also, there are other features that can be very useful for your company operations. The most popular are:

  • Customized Forms: Functionality that allows configuring SimpliRoute's mobile application so that the drivers can enter helpful information for your company, besides the photos, selectable motives, and comments.
  • Live Tracking: A complementary tool to the delivery service, specially created to strengthen your bonds and communication with customers, providing real-time information on the location and status of their orders. 
  • Dashboards: Section of the platform with charts of monthly statistics about your vehicles' performance and daily progress about visits' status. If you need a more specific report or some of this data in detail, you can request a personalized dashboard.

If you want to know more about SimpliRoute and its features, write an email to

Try SimpliRoute; you will not regret!

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