SimpliRoute and The Engineering Complex Systems' Institute agreed on terms of collaboration

The ISCI is a center for scientific investigation that belongs to Universidad de Chile and focuses on tackling complex problems that affect a range of businesses, from private organizations to public institutions. The scientists that belong to this center come from the best Chilean educational institutions, in its majority from Universidad de Chile. Their ultimate aim is to bring up solutions to a range of problems that affect all sort of institutions, plus creating leading-edge scientific work on the engineering field.

So to find solutions for such a range of problems, it is needed a lot of creativity and advanced techniques. For this, it is on these scientists’ hands the responsibility to represent the world mathematically, people’s behavior, their decisions and the consequences caused by them. All these to bring up breakthrough decisions that will enlighten the possible solutions for such difficulties. Within its most brilliant minds, the center is conformed by:

  1. Andrés Weintraub Pohorille. In 2000, he was awarded the national prize of applied science, which was added to the many worldwide awards he has received throughout his prolific career. Recently, he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa, by the SLU University in Sweden.
  2. Fernando Ordóñez. PhD in Operating Investigation from the MIT, who in collaboration with some outstanding students and other members of the center, developed a more optimized system for responding to fire alarms, considerably reducing the timeframe of the firefighters’ responses, which clearly makes a difference in these life-or-death situations.

The ISCI is sponsored by the Chilean government, in its majority by Conicyt (the commission responsible for promoting the scientific and technological development in Chile), and also by private funding.

Thank Ordóñez’ investigation, the center got interested in the field of optimization, economically contributing to the development of SimpliRoute. This with the aim of promoting students’ entrepreneurship and cutting-edge projects.

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