Optimization for the routes of your vehicles

Have you ever bought something on these big retail companies and you have no idea when will your product be delivered? As we live on a highly busy and demanding world, time is vital. So, we cannot waste time waiting to receive a product. And even sometimes, the product doesn't arrive on the day you were promised!

Even worst, if you try to call customer service, they won't provide you more information than the one you already have. How many times have you heard: "Your product should arrive today. That's what the system says"? Yes, it is an answer that many of us have heard, but from the thousands of times, none of them has been helpful.

If we analyze the issue, problems start from the very beginning:

  • The client has no information about when the package will arrive.
  • The client doesn't have any platform on where he can check where his order is, and at which time it will arrive.
  • Customer service doesn't provide useful information, and that generates more confusion.
  • Call Centers usually have an internal system that only gives them vague information, like "The product is in the warehouse", "on route" or "delivered".
  • The logistics company does not provide any information about the delivery neither to the customer nor to the retail company.
  • In big companies, the sales department doesn't always know what the logistics department is doing. On the other hand, in smaller companies, the logistics system is usually external, which is a problem when you need to get real-time information about your product.
  • There's no way to plan each driver's route, which makes the whole delivery process unpredictable and hard to manage.
  • Besides the driver, no one knows which route the delivery truck is going to take, or which product will be delivered first.

Here is where SimpliRoute acts!

SimpliRoute is a tool that companies can apply to make their delivery system more efficient, not only by bringing benefits to the company but also to the customer himself.

We are not talking about black magic here, what SimpliRoute does is to apply a mathematical algorithm to optimize the different delivery routes that each company plan every day. (I know algorithm is a word that not everyone manages, but later on, we will explain you these weird engineering terms)

The key part you have to remember about SimpliRoute is that it allows you to take control of your routes by efficiently planning them, so in the end everyone is happy. To do this, SimpliRoute takes into account the timeframe of each of your customers, the traffic conditions, and other restrictions that each company can have when delivering its products. Additionally, it allows drivers to notify when the product has been delivered, or when a problem shows up.

SimpliRoute for planning and tracking delivery routes. For planners and drivers.

Keep yourself posted, because we are going to explain you in detail the website platform and the future mobile app, so you can further know how SimpliRoute works.

See you soon!

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