How big does a company have to be to think about logistic route planning?

A lot of times when a company starts considering hiring a logistic planning service to help them, they doubt if it is really necessary for them considering the size of their business. If I’m a small company with only one vehicle, is it really necessary for me to spend money on this type of service? Today we are going to give you a few reasons why not only big companies can use logistics route planning for their benefit, but also small companies.

Money saving

The first reason, and the most important for small businesses, is that using a logistic route planning software will translate into money savings that wasn’t considered in the company previous to using the service. For small and medium-size companies this is key factor because they don’t count with unlimited resources like big companies might. In order for them to be competitive in the market, they need to take very informed decisions about how to spend their money and try to save as much as possible. Route planning without using a software can bring some unnecessary monetary costs. As we all know, money is a crucial resource for companies to be able to grow and compete in the market. When introducing a logistic route planning software to their route planning process they will be saving money, specially when their fleet is on the field. Optimizing routes can give more efficient compared with other ways of planning that some companies use, for example Google Maps. This way, the real distance that the fleet travels is shorter, saving a lot on gas, and the times are more accurate, having a smoother trip.

Time saving

Another reason for using a logistic route planning software is the time saving that brings with it. When a company doesn’t count with a software that helps them planning their routes, a lot of times it can turn into a tedious process that will take many hours to complete. In small businesses, this is a luxury they can’t have. It is important that every member of the company can meet their duties and give their 100% without being stuck on an specific task. For this reason, using a route planning software is the solution for this problem. Processes that could take up to a few hours can be accomplish in just a couple seconds, leaving the distribution team members with a lot more free time that can be use to work on other activities that add value to the company. 

Customer retention

We know that in the world we live in, customers are demanding a lot more from the companies they have a relationship with than they used to. This is why providing the best customer service possible is very important. For small companies this is even more important because their client base is not too big and they have to make sure that they are building strong bonds with them. With that in mind, giving your customers accurate time limits and more visibility over their orders are ways that companies can use to gain their clients’ loyalty and increase their satisfaction. When using a route planning software this can be achieve in an easier and faster way, making the customer retention process friendlier for the company.


On this article we’ve given a couple reasons why a company is never too small to invest on a logistic route planning software. This is due to different reasons that are key when looking for a competitive strategy to succeed in the market. The first and most important one is money saving. Using a software con also translate into time saving and an easier way to retain customers since it is easier to meet their expectations and fulfill their needs. SimpliRoute can help these companies achieve their goals by proving a software like the one mentioned on this article.

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