7 tips for having happy customers and how SimpliRoute helps you get them

Everybody knows companies cannot exist without their customers and they are constantly creating strategies focused on 2 fronts: Getting new customers and keeping existing ones, but which one should be prioritized?

Researchers say that focusing on actions to keep customers is cheaper than getting new ones: If the client is happy and satisfied with the product, it is highly likely that he will buy again and recommend the brand to a new potential client.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to put all the efforts into leaving them so, but so happy, that they naturally become promoters of your brand and convince more and more customers to use your products?

Yes, it would be paradise! But, to begin with, how could you offer a remarkable experience to your customers?

Then, you can read some good practices that will allow you to develop a strategy focused on Customer Experience (full article)

7 tips to create actions focused on keeping customers happy

  1. Create a clear vision of customer experience. Think about what image your company should project to its clients and how to make each member of your team be a promoter of that image. To address this point, many companies propose values and good practices to their employees.
  2. Understand who your customers are. Get as much customer data as you can. In this way, the team that contacts them has greater knowledge of how to empathize and understand them better.
  3. Establish an emotional bond with your clients. When a member of your team has the opportunity to contact one of your clients, it is time to show how much you care about providing the best products to make them happy. Projecting care does not have to be expensive, moreover, keeping in mind that "It's not what you say, but how you say it" you can train the team that contacts your clients so they will know how to approach different situations with the only and great objective to create positive emotions.
  4. Know in real time what they think of your brand, products and/or services. You will never improve if you do not know what they want, it bothers them or they lack. You must have channels to receive your customers’ opinions. If the opinion is positive, continue like this and congratulate those who achieved it! If it is negative, then act quickly to revert the situation with the client, and generate tactics within the team to prevent it from happening again.
  5. Have a team that knows how important it is to leave satisfied customers. Spend enough time to train each member of your team. Remember that you are preparing them to represent the brand and establish an emotional bond with your customers, especially those who contact them directly.
  6. Listen to the experiences of your employees who have direct contact with your customers. Have good communication with them. This way you’ll find out about the concerns they have that could affect the quality of the distribution of your products. In addition, they are the ones who are directly related to customers, so they can have fresher ideas of what customers demand or may need.
  7. Identify how likely it is that your customers recommend you among their networks of contacts. All the tips mentioned above seek the happiness of the customer by providing a good experience, but how to measure if things are doing well? Among so many indicators and formulas that companies use, there is a very simple question that you can ask your clients to know if they are happy with the brand: Would you recommend this company to a friend or family member? If the answer is yes, congratulations! You are doing things well.

SimpliRoute helps you improve your customers' experience

SimpliRoute, in addition to creating simple and smart delivery routes, has features that help you improve customer experience.

Customers are informed in real time. When part of your operational process is to dispatch products, it is necessary that you always have in mind when your customers can receive your products/services and keep them informed of the status (Tip: Create a clear vision of customer experience). Thus, you show concern in arriving on time, because you are aware that the customer may need your products at the time they requested, and for them to wait for you, means to leave other things aside (Tip: Establish an emotional bond with your customers).

Clients with opinion. SimpliRoute has a feature that allows you to ask customers, through their mobile phones, what they thought of your brand and the associated services immediately after delivery (Tip: Know in real time what they think of your brand, products and/or services). Also, with SimpliRoute, it is possible to ask them later, once they have used the product, if they would recommend the brand to third parties (Tip: Identify how likely it is that your customers recommend you among their networks of contacts)

Lessons learned thanks to Historical Information. All the details of the routes and visits made with SimpliRoute, are registered in order to give you information that helps you to make better business decisions. With this information you can, among many other things, classify your customers according to fleet size and area of residence (Tip: Understand who your customers are), and identify the performance of each driver, so you can congratulate the best, identify what they do well by asking directly (Tip: Listen to the experiences of your workers who have direct contact with your customers), and spread good practices among the rest of the team (Tip: Have a team that knows how important it is to leave satisfied customers).

If you have a fleet to manage, and you get very involved with planning and tracking of routes, try SimpliRoute for free for 14 days! This software, in addition to helping you with transport logistics, can contribute to each of the tips given above. Take advantage of its features and improve the customer experience!

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