3 simple steps for creating optimized routes with SimpliRoute

Step 1:  Get your data ready

You can download a sample template with the fields you need to fill in. Remember to put addresses from the country you've created your account. Look for an example template on SimpliRoute, Route, Import Visits.

Step 2: Set up the Platform

To continue, log in on  You'll need to input the information of your drivers and your vehicles. You only have to do this once, as the system will save your information for future routes.

Initial Information

First, choose the date of your deliveries, and the schedule in which you want your vehicles to work.


Vehicle Details

You need to create your first vehicle to continue. Click on "Create your first vehicle" and complete the required information. Then, click on "Save".




You can add as many vehicles as you want on "New vehicle".

Drivers Details

Just like with the vehicles, you need to create a couple of mobile app users (drivers) in order to continue. This is not mandatory, but if you don't do it you won't be able to use SimpliRoute's tracking later.

Click on the "Users" tab.



Step 3: Create your routes

You've got your excel file and your drivers and vehicles on our platform. Yipee! It's time to create some delivery routes.

Import the excel file

In order to import your file, go to the "Route" section when you will see the vehicles you've already configured.


Click on "Route" and upload the template with the order data.


Click on "Create Routes" and voilà!


Click on "Finish".

On this final window, you must select which driver is going to drive which vehicle. Confirm your routes to create them.


You've generated your optimized routes! You can


You can learn how to track your routes in real time here.

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