10 reasons to use a Route Planner Software

Many companies offer products which they have to ship to their customers,  which means that despite not being experts in planning delivery routes they have to address, in the best possible way, the management of their fleet, solving what is known as The Travelling Salesman Problem.

Variables to consider:

  • Number of clients to visit on a given day
  • Customers' availability schedules
  • Number of the sellers available to tour the city
  • Limit load that each seller can carry

Knowing the variables above, companies should be concerned about finding an optimal solution every day, to save on costs related to the logistic operations, always providing an excellent service to its customers.

Travelling Salesman Problem is not easy to solve. But to the relief of many, today there are mathematical algorithms that calculate for each case the best solution, as well as software called Route Planners that allow access to this intelligence through simple interfaces.

Then, ten benefits when using this type of software:

1. Agility in the creation of routes

When companies solve the routing problem on their own, usually, to not take too long to create new routes, they use methodologies such as "split the city into sections" which is not always the most optimum in terms of time in distribution, use of resources and related costs.On the other hand, a Route Planner creates optimal paths in seconds, considering dynamic variables related to customers, costs, and resources.

2. Savings in Operational Costs

The truth is that routing and fleet management decisions are most efficient when using Route Planner software. The savings are evident in the more efficient use of fuel, better use of available time, fewer kilometers traveled, and optimally managed and used vehicles, reducing their deterioration by use.

3. Process Automation

Companies that do not use a Route Planner have files with the detail of daily schedule of the routes without the possibility of being modified and in different documents the information of how the deliveries resulted.Thanks to the technological advances, the generated trajectories can be shared immediately to the smartphones of the drivers, and if there were any modifications, they could receive update notifications. Also, Route Planners store automatically all data related to the routes and their performance in one place for further analysis.

4. Changes in Organizational Culture

Having the data in detail of the trajectory performances and the status of the deliveries provided by a Route Planner, companies can analyze the information with the objective of generating best practice programs for drivers. The best distributors could be evaluated and rewarded, to motivate them always to deliver a service of excellence.

5. Information Security

With Route Planner companies can create users with different levels of permissions, such as Administrator, Driver, and Monitor. Also, there is a record of changes, and historical information can not be deleted or modified. Moreover, companies can easily integrate this software with other of their platforms.

6. Short-term decision making

A lot of decisions are made only based on experience, "We need more vehicles to reach more customers" but what about all the parameters that are affected by a decision? Such as expenses related to the hiring of more drivers and the maintenance of vehicles.The Router Planner software record the data related to each visit made. By analyzing this data, you can deduce factors that could be causing waste of time and money to the company, allowing to make decisions with greater agility based on concrete facts.

7. Improvements in Vehicle Management

Many companies have a fixed amount of vehicles in their fleet, but they do not know very well why "We have always worked with five trucks" is a typical response of a company that has not redesigned its logistics processes for a long time.Some benefits of using a Routing Planner software are that it allows you to evaluate day by day which vehicles to use. For example, several companies overestimate their fleet, so route planner software usually generate optimal routes with fewer vehicles, choosing only the most appropriate ones to carry the load.

8. Satisfied Clients

A typical mistake that routers make is not considering when the customer can receive the product or service. As a consequence, the vehicles visit these addresses at any time, they do not find anyone, losing the trip, and the customer is annoyed because he did not receive his/her order.A Route Planner software incorporates these restrictions, increasing the delivery rate of products, which translates into more satisfied customers and decrease in reverse logistics costs caused by rejected products that return to the storage.

9. Possibility of Visiting More Clients

The truth is that most of the time, drivers can make more deliveries than they usually do, but it's hard for the logistics area to realize. Routing Optimization software also provides detailed information on what time each truck should arrive at each direction, and at what approximate time the vehicle will end its route.By using optimization algorithms, it is possible to visit new clients day by day!

10. SimpliRoute, a Simple Router Planner for Complex Clients

SimpliRoute is a Route Planner software, recognized for being simple to use, but it has one of the most powerful algorithms on the market. Empirical data has shown that using SimpliRoute benefits are mainly reflected in:

  • 30% savings in operating expenses
  • 10% fewer vehicles to use
  • 15% increase in the delivery rate of products
  • 15% more customers visited

SimpliRoute offers a 14 days trial version completely free. Enjoy it!

Test SimpliRoute 

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