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Santa Fe

“For me, SimpliRoute is a logistic solution, resource and time efficiency. It truly is a platform that has helped us a lot, specially because we manage a significant number of orders. ”

Pablo Rojahelis | Director

They reached unimaginable levels of efficiency in their deliveries.

Santa Fe is a commercial operator that takes care of Nestlé’s yoghurt and desserts distribution. They realized that the process they were using for their route planning wasn’t enough to cover all the needs of the company. After they heard about SimpliRoute, they decided to try our service and after the 14 day trial they were “amazed” and decided to sign a long-term contract with us. 


After incorporating the platform to their everyday operations, Santa Fe was able to achieve inimaginable efficiency levels. This was shown when, with the same amount of trucks, they noticed they were making more deliveries on areas that were using the software versus areas that weren’t. The reliance that Santa Fe has develop towards SimpliRoute make them believe that they can totally expand and achieve new goals by implementing the planning service we provide.