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Rock Truck

“After the we implement SimpliRoute, managing detours or any other type of problem that drivers could face is much easier to solve in the minute. Thanks to this we are now able to give a better service to our clients.”

How SimpliRoute was able to increase the delivery success rate on a 30%

Rock Truck is a logistic operator for transportation, based on the use of technology and through a collaborative strategy they connect different companies with small and mid-size transportists. The company incorporates mobile technology, making it easier for the companies to know their order’s status, have better response times when clients need something unexpected and manage the delivery tracking. They standardize the service that each transportist offers in order to offer an even service with the highest possible quality.

The Challenge

Nowadays, Rock Truck faces an industry that demands the most highest levels of quality and efficiency. Clients are demanding more transportation services and the competition increase as supply is needed. Orders are more automatized, spaces are smaller and the challenge of balancing quality and costs keeps getting harder to achieve. The company’s main challenges are the use of technology and the digitalization of the logistic process with which they transport products to different clients. Drivers that weren’t born in the tech era require a lot of constant training, which represent a huge cost. Optimizing the routes and the travelling distances is crucial for this company.


Rock Truck was able to substantially improve on the level of service that their clients face after they included the technology that allowed them to show the clients the logistic variables they were interested on. They also count with more control over the deliveries, being able to manage any unexpected problem or detour. Lastly, they have been able to reduce the distance their trucks travel every day, saving money on gas consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.