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NS Agro

“We chose SimpliRoute because of their easy implementation process, as well as the usability of their software and the quick adoption time of their users.”

Felipe Ovalle | Operations Manager at NS Agro

Their rapid growth led them to need logistical support

NS Agro is the head office of a group of agriculture related companies. After it was founded in 2014, the company has expanded across different parts of Chile. It also has international presence with two branches in Perú.

The Challenge

Their clients are no longer interested just on good prices or high quality products, their main focus now is finding a company that can provide the best possible service without compromising any of the other variables. This has made the company’s logistic process to face more stress than before. The new level of need of their clients led the company to automatized their delivery process, and that was when SimpliRoute got into the picture to help them.


SimpliRoute has helped NS Agro to take a weight off their shoulders, giving them more time to take care of other functions of the company. By helping them facing their clients needs, now they’ve given the company more visibility. This is one of the things that their customers appreciate the most, since they’ve notice the commitment the company has with the delivery schedule by being there at the day and time they promised.