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“Keep a high level of service is easier when not every driver has to know the map by heart. Thanks to SimpliRoute we’ve been able to achieve this in the company”

How to digitize the shipping process with SimpliRoute

Fuerza logística is a company that’s specialized on doing integrated operations related with the transport and logistic operations industry. They create value in the supply chain and contributing to the competitivity of their clients. Their main location is Bogotá, Colombia. 

The Challenge

In Colombia, the transportation market is highly competitive because there is a big demand for services in the urban cores of the country. For this reason, Fuerza Logística developed the need of being able to report online orders (letting the drivers report to the company about the progress of the delivery and let the clients being informed about their order’s status), as well as the need of being able to manage what happens on the field remotely.  


The field knowledge was democratized. The company no longer needs to rely on the drivers expertise over what routes to take but now they can send inexperienced drivers to deliver the orders keeping their high quality service untouched. In addition to this, they now have access to online reports about the order’s status (these include the delivery time and location). They were are able to answer in a better way to their clients’ requests, and also give them better metrics.