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“For my business, SimpliRoute has kept it simple. It has allowed us to become incredibly efficient, incredibly customer oriented, in particular as we are a high-end delivery services and we deliver to customers that have very high expectations of us. SimpliRoute has really enable us to actually fulfill those expectations without any issues.”

Theo Lambton, Owner

Fir Tree is a Dublin based Christmas Tree Delivery service. The company was founded by Theo Lambton on 2016 after he harvested a few Christmas trees at his hometown. That was when he realized that there was a real need for a more customer oriented Christmas tree service. Their operations are very condensed in a very small amount of time due to the seasonal aspect of the company’s industry, so when winter comes Fir Tree’s team has to work very hard in order to keep their competitive advantage.

The Challenge

Having to deliver between 30 to 120 Christmas trees a day in Dublin can be tricky when you consider that it is on of the most congested cities in the world. For this reason Theo considered that their old planning ways, doing everything with pen and paper, might not be working efficiently enough. After a year where they had 600 clients, they realized their process must changed. Missing orders and not being able to exceed their clients expectations made the company lose business. This event made Fir Tree took the decision to look for a logistic planning solutions to their problem. After talking to experts that wanted to charge them thousands of euros, Theo came across SimpliRoute. The fact that our platform is very user-friendly was crucial for them, and that was when they decided to get our service.


When Fir Tree started using SimpliRoute on their day to day operations they were pleased to know that our team was their to answer all of their questions. Route planning that used to take them 6 to 8 hours where now done within 5 to 10 minutes. The software also allowed the company to have a full end-to-end customer services with the end user. In addition to making building the customer relationship easier, there were also other benefits. Now they were able to assign different types of trees to different type of vehicles and to change the amount of vehicles that they want to use each day. 

Besides of the planning benefits of the platform, another very important feature for Fir Tree was the fact that SimpliRoute tells you if you are trying to fill too many orders at once. That way they could take decision like whether they should add another vehicle or not.