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DB Schenker

“Thanks to the integration of SimpliRoute with our process, we now have real time data about the progress of the shipping. And all the field information we collect, can let us assign more time for the actual operations. ”

Cesar Carhuancota | X-Site & Transport Leader & Continuous Improvement Manager

SimpliRoute helped decrease the planning times in 80%

DB Schenker is a world leader when it comes to logistic services. It supports the industry and global trading through ground, aerial and overseas transport, as well as in the logistic of the contracts and supply chain administration. It’s added value assures an unbreakable commodity flow and an optimized supply chains that is align with the customer’s goals. The company counts with the best positioning in the 

The Challenge 

The continous growth of the order size of our clients, as well as the entry of new accounts to their DC, translated into the need of looking for a platform were they could plan the distribution process in a more efficient way, covering all the needs that their clients have every day. That was the main reason why they looked for a company that could provide a service where they could plan their shipping routes and track their orders. That’s when they chose SimpliRoute.


Thanks to the integration of SimpliRoute to DB Schenker’s WMS, the orders are automatically set to a shipping schedule, letting the company know in a more organized way when each other is going to be ship. After the company integrated the software to their system, they experienced time reduction in the planification process. This let them achieved an 80% of time saving compared to the old manual process. In addition to this, the company has real time data about the location of their trucks. This allowed them to satisfy the needs of their more demanding clients.