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“SimpliRoute is, among others reasons, good service. It’s friendly. Everytime we need help there’s someone there waiting for us.”

Marcos Ríos | Logistic Manager at Cramer

SimpliRoute gave a wider time frame to their delivery schedule

Cramer is a Latin American company that specializes on making artificial food flavours and scents. They are industry leaders, having presence in Chile, Perú, Bolivia and other latin american countries. Their huge success can be explained by their compromise with providing the highest quality and most safe-to-consume products they can make. As a proof of that commitment due to their practices are based on the highests food safety management systems. 

The Challenge

The company has faced constant growth through time, which has translated into an increase of the requirements and needs of their customers. Clients wanted their orders to be delivered on a certain day and time. This made Cramer to start scheduling deliveries without a logistic process involved, making it hard to handle for an unprepared company. When they finally realized they had the need to find a way to be on time with their schedule they thought of SimpliRoute.


Thanks to the implementation of the platform to the shipping logistic process of Cramer, now they’ve noticed that they’re able to make the same amount of deliveries in a more efficient way. The orders that used to be assign with no schedule the same day, they are now going  to leave the DC with a plan  and schedule ahead the day before, giving the company more time to make any unexpected changes to the route. This way SimpliRoute has been key to the proper working of the company because it makes it easier to achieve goals and keep a high quality service.