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“SimpliRoute has helped us a lot to planned delivery days. This has made us able to save time and repurpose it on other things that can make our company better.”

Benjamin Wood | Co-Founder of Beervana

How SimpliRoute reduce the route planning time in 4 hours.

Founded on 2013 by two American friends, Ben Wood and Perry Hirsch, Beervana has become a reference for the beer industry in Chile. Nowadays they represent some of the best American beer labels in Chile. They are also partners with the Chilean brewery “Cervecería Yakima”. Their main store has a big number of national beers, as well as the most exclusive imported American and European drinks. In addition to that, they also have a group of experts who are willing to answer all their clients’ beer related questions and giving suggestions on what to try and get.

The Challenge

Due to their huge success, Beervana opened their online store with the hope of giving the Chilean market an unforgettable shopping experience. 

Their level of service made the orders to go up very quickly, creating new challenges for the team. Clients wanted to know exactly when their order was going to be delivered, others demand same-day shipping and visibility of the delivery status. The route planning was another variable that got more complex since they now had to consider the truck’s capacity and other multiple logistics variables that were not a problem before.


Thanks to the usage of SimpliRoute the route planification became an automatic task, in contrast with how we did it in the past, that allowed Beervana to prioritize orders, give their clients more precise delivery times, and giving them visibility of the order status. The company’s level of service increased thanks to them being able to identify their clients’ needs and fulfilling them by using SimpliRoute. This gave them the capability of not only attracting new clients but to retain the old ones too.